Cocktail Masterclasses

As a company, this has been a focus of ours for a decade now - while the usual flurry of innuendos and syrupy mess is a great laugh, it’s not the direction we wanted to take. We’ve always been blessed with attendees who really wanted to learn, so that’s where we focus - some knowledge, some practical, lots of participation and fun.

The purpose is simple - we want each person to walk away with a foundational knowledge of how flavour works, and how to not only produce tasty drinks at home, but how to do so quickly and easily, with minimal stress to get in the way of a good vibe. It’s been central to how we’ve operated over the years, and we don’t do anything differently at home.

The basic packages are below, though we’re perfectly happy to tailor - they’re all 1.5-2 hours, include 3 drinks, and come at £50 per head.

Cocktail Masterclass

Focuses on the understanding of flavour and practical skills required to effortlessly produce good drinks at home.

Vodka/Gin Masterclass

All about the iconic clear spirits, differences between them, classic drinks and dispelling all the bullshit.

Whisk(e)y Masterclass

Emphasising the glory of making and enjoying whisky, and the best means of doing so, as well as understanding the different styles.

Rum Masterclass

Learning the dark but fascinating history of one of the best spirits out there, the sheer variety involved, and how to make some iconic classics.

We also offer cocktail & canapé masterclasses - an expanded version of our approach to how to ultimately entertain at home. Just as our cocktail masterclasses teach not just a few drinks but a broader understanding, our canapé approach is about the secrets that keep things stress-free in good kitchens, and how to pair food and drink effortlessly. They’re a touch classier and naturally more bespoke, so fire us an email for more details.