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People ask…

Why the Royal Cocktail Exchange?

Well, everyone has the right to feel like royalty at least once in their day, and that’s where we come in.

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The Exchange

…is many things - a cute spot for meets, a spritz-o’clock courtyard, but also a pub in every sense of the word - a local for some but open to all, and a business founded not with profit as its primary goal, but rather to make people feel welcome.

The Developmental Bar and Table

…is the beating heart of the RCE. We don’t get a great team without offering them growth, so development space is most of the building - particularly a downstairs spot right here, and it’s a right laugh.

The Workshop

…is where we host our cocktail masterclasses - we’ve spent a decade distilling them down to what we believe are the most useful things you can learn in a few hours - they’re purpose-driven, but still a lot of fun. See below for more deets.

Book Now

Bookings are available until 10:30pm daily - if you have anything special in terms of times or numbers etc, or just about private events, whack it in notes or fire us an email and we'll see what we can do.

Thanks! We’ll be in touch soon, so don’t forget to check your spam, and repeat - if your enquiry is about tonight, we recommend just popping your head in.
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The Team

Sure, we need some brick 'n' mortar to rest a long piece of wood on (and then a load of booze) before we can call something a 'bar'. But there are loads of those, and we generally prefer our bars to be kinda good, so that's where the team comes in. Truth be told, with the exceptions of Sam & Rory, they're a totally fresh bunch,  and whilst they all seem to have come with a certain twinkle in their eye built into factory settings, that suggests they'll produce their own brand of top quality content soon - you'll have to wait to see how that plays out. For now, meet the team below:

The team at the Royal Cocktail Exchange

Cocktail Masterclasses

Classes have been a focus of ours for a decade now - while the usual flurry of innuendos and syrupy mess is a great laugh, it’s not the direction we wanted to take. We’ve always been blessed with people who really wanted to learn, so that’s where we focus - some knowledge, some practical, lots of participation and fun. The purpose is simple - we want each person to walk away with a foundational knowledge of how flavour works, and how to not only produce tasty drinks at home, but how to do so quickly and easily, with minimal stress to get in the way of a good vibe. It’s been central to how we’ve operated over the years, and we don’t do anything differently at home - click here for more deets on how to get involved.

Penguin chef from the Royal Cocktail Exchange London

Where & When

Monday - Friday:
3pm - 11pm

2pm - 11pm


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The Family

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